Bids with staggered payments and deliveries

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Bids with staggered payments and deliveries

Post by adroth on Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:41 pm

Is it possible to conduct a project with the following parameters:

1. Issue a bid invite that stipulates the total number of desired equipment, with an ABC purely based on market research rather than the available budget for a specific year. The invite is sent out in one go to avoid piece-meal acquisitions that run into the re-ordering clauses of RA 9184.

2. Stipulate that the winning bidder must be willing to accept staggered delivery and payment schedules, but with a minimum order per procurement period, based on the actual amount allocated to the government agency for the years within that period. Presumably the initial order could/should be larger than succeeding ones.

3. Impose a price escalation limitation clause to keep NEDA happy, but still allow the potential vendor to make adjustments to cover changes to overhead costs.

Given the PH government's history of reversing itself, it is a very real possibility that there will be no takers. But assuming that there are companies willing to take part . . . how would such a deal be crafted?
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