help please...clarification on timelines, required procurement period

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help please...clarification on timelines, required procurement period

Post by lena2011 on Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:32 pm

Help please.

Can the BAC be held liable for not following the required procurement period (no. of days from posting to award) in the procurement of civil works, i e. instead of maximum 144 days, it was about 160 days? who will they be liable to? Any sanction perhaps?

Also, in not following the necessary time period, such as in the extension of period of postqualification until decision of committee for award, in the case that in the end the contractor was found to be postdisqualified resulting to a failure of bidding (assuming this was a lone bidder), can the contractor probably file a protest or sue for that matter, for that ground alone?

Thanks. Your early reply will be much appreciated.

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Re: help please...clarification on timelines, required procurement period

Post by regina avelino on Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:52 pm

please refer to

Section 65.1 b

and section 41 b

The following are some instances when a BAC fails
to follow procedures:
1. Prescribing an insufficient number of days in
the advertisement and/or posting of the IAEB;
2. Exceeding the required periods for eligibility
screening, bid evaluation, post-qualification for
each lowest calculated bidder or for awarding
the contract without justifiable cause;
3. Conducting the pre-bid conference or issuing
the bidding documents in less than the required
number of days before deadline for the
submission and opening of bids;
4. Requiring the bidder to submit additional
documents which is tantamount to improving
his bidding documents; and
5. Allowing a bidder to be declared eligible or pass
the post-qualification with incomplete

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