Eligibility Check

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Eligibility Check

Post by greg_al on Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:39 am

Good morning!

We are to hire a Consultant for Construction Supervision of our office building of which we only require an Individual Consultant. In the eligibility check some issues were raised:

1. Is it really necessary that the consultant should be registered in the DTI or having a Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) is enough as a legal document?
2. How about if the consultant is not registered in PhilGEPS? do we need to require him/her to register?
3. On the experiences, do we need to have the certificate of all completed projects? or his statement that he/she has undergone said projects are enough?
4. Or can you please give me a checklist applicable to Individual Consultant that does not have his own business for consultancy.? those that are applicable for freelance Consultant.

Thank you.

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