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Post by leigh20 on Wed Aug 13, 2014 4:57 pm


We have joined a tender  for a LOT BIDDING:

We had a discrepancy on our total bid prices against our itemized bid pricing.

Our total price in figures and in words  is lower than our itemized bid pricing upon the correction of the computational errors of the TWG.  The same total figures in words we indicated are  consistently typed on the  official bid forms  provided by the BAC, however the discrepancies was found in the bid form with individual prices.

Now they have sent us POST DISQUALIFICATION notice due to this discrepancy.

May we know if their decision is accurate because after correction/adjustment  of bid prices  based on actual sum of our bid, we did not exceed the ABC of the project. We believe disqualifying us is inaccurate.  They  can declare us as not the Lowest calculated bid but definitely not to be disqualified due to discrepancy.

May we know if the itemized bid prices has bearing for this project because from the start, as discussed during pre-bid conference, the mode of procurement will be a LOT BIDDING.  The BAC provided their own document wherein you will put your TOTAL LOT BID IN FIGURES AND IN WORDS and another bid form they created for itemized prices.  

We believe that it has advantage of the government that our total bid prices is lower than the itemized costs we indicated but we will be obliged to deliver the whole project using the lower bid amount we indicated.

Moreover, the procurement method of this agency is for a LOT BID. We believe our TOTAL LOT BID PRICE must be honored instead of the itemized costing with discrepancy.

Kindly assist us on this matter.

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