Purchase of Office Supplies

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Purchase of Office Supplies

Post by pluma on Wed May 20, 2015 2:02 pm

Good day, We consolidated all Common used supplies and posted it on PhilGEPS, now the problem is this.

1) We went to PS Depot for the quotation and procurement of supplies but the depot has no capacity to provide what we needed (most of) we have an almost 700k worth of supplies yet they only manage to supply us few items amounting to more or less 38K.
2)We posted the remaining supplies to PhilGEPS and manage to procure some of the items (those that belonged to SVP), however the Janitorial supplies and Office supplies ended up on Negotiated Procurement under 53.1 (Two failed biddings).
3) The ABC of the supplies are mostly based on the price list given by PS depot, and according to suppliers the ABC is too low and they can only afford to supply us if we reduce quantities on some items. If we change the ABC then we will need to have a new PR for that (forfeiting the previous PR's) and the process will be back to zero (approval>consolidation >posting>etc), we badly need our supplies as soon as possible.

In GPPB Updates and Latest Issuance it is stated : "reduction/adjustment of quantity" "In the event that no supplier submits quotation that conforms with the requirement of PE (procuring entity), the proper step to be undertaken is to extend the deadline for the submission of price quotations, subject to required approvals, but not to adjust the quantity of the items to be procured to accommodate the price proposal of one supplier)"

please do enlighten us on the proper way to facilitate the procurement of our supplies. we are on rural municipality and only few suppliers are available here.
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