Notice of Award Format

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Notice of Award Format

Post by lecher87 on Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:30 pm

Hello. Our agency is continuously improving the system of our procurement to expedite the process. Part of the modification is the changes in the format of all procurement forms(eq Notice to Proceed, Notice of Award, and etc) to make it simple, comprehensive and concise. But there are discussions with regards to the following paragraph inserted on our new standard format of Notice of Award.

"You are hereby required to deliver the goods and services within ___________days after the receipt of this Notice of Award (NOA). Failure to do shall constitute a sufficient ground for cancellation of this award and other form of penalties and sanctions as provided for in Republic Act 9184 otherwise known as the "Government Procurement Reform Act" and its implementing rules and regulations."

It is explicitly stated in our NOTICE OF AWARD that our agency can cancel the delivery of the goods/render services if not delivered/rendered within the specified number of days.
Is it valid?
Can we cancel the delivery of the goods if not delivered within the specified number of days set forth in Purchase Order?Notice of Proceed?
Can you site references regarding our concern.

Hope you can help us regarding this matter. Thanks in advance.

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