Late PHILGEPS Posting

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Late PHILGEPS Posting

Post by emines on Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:24 am

Hello, I need your help. I wasn't able to post some of our ITB in PHILGEPS. We have 7 packages for public bidding, all will be posted in newspapers today, December 3. In PHILGEPS I was already able to prepare all packages (in-preparation mode) but didn't post them yet since I had to review them first. By a stroke of bad luck I was only able to post 3 out of 7 packages due to a power interruption in the office (where we don't have a generator) and later, when I took work home, we also experienced power outage. Electricity didn't resume until 12:05 am today, so posting the remaining ITBs today is out of the question.

How can this be remedied? And what are its repercussions? I'm really new at this, and this is the first time I've encountered the problem. Really need your advice. Thank you.

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