PCAB License for JV or Consortium

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PCAB License for JV or Consortium

Post by abcdef12345 on Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:48 pm

According to 9184, pcab license is required as part of eligibility docs per Ra4556.

Ra4556 says special license is required and given if 2 or more CONTRACTORS jointly pursues the project. IRR however classifies special license into two types - for joint venture and consortium.

Special license for jv requires all members to be contractors. Spec license for consortium is if one partner is a contractor while others are non contractors.

If a public bidding for infrastructure project has a bidder where the JV (9184 meaning) has one contractor and the other partner is a foreign non comtractor, (consortium within the meaning of ra4556), will the bidder still be required a special pcab license for JV (as req by ra9184)?

Thank you

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